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About the company

Tole Verktyg AB was established in March 1943 and has been producing tools for woodworking for over 70 years. It has been 100% owned by Sturab in Smålandstenar since 1/5 2010. CEO Tomas Hessel, former partner, will continue to run the company. We sold tools last financial year for a net 21, 75 mill. SEK. And we have the highest credit rating triple AAA.

Since the start, we have mainly manufactured tools for woodworking, mainly for the wood & forestry industry, sawmills, planing mills and not least tools for the hobby carpenter. However, our tools are also used in the plastics, metal and packaging industries, etc.

Virserum is located in Småland and is surrounded by the large, dark raw material forest. Today we have a collaboration with the Czech company Pilana Knives.

We are today their agent in the Swedish market when it comes to chipper knives, planing steel, serrated back knives, chip knives and saw blades etc. We sell most things through retailers, such as grinders, machine dealers, but we also sell directly to sawmills, planers and other consumers.

We exclusively deliver our products in a high and consistent quality and stock most of the standard products for a fast and safe delivery. Special tools are performed from one piece to large numbers. Feel free to request a quote.