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Place your orders via or via phone/mail. Purchase agreement is entered as soon as you have received an order confirmation from Tole Verktyg. This will be sent to your email address provided that the one you entered is correct. If for any reason we are unable to send your order, we will always notify you by email or telephone.

Orders made in another person's name without his or her consent, or in any other way that causes us to suffer financial or other damage are reported to the police.


All prices refer to unit prices unless otherwise stated. Prices are excluding VAT.

Payment Terms

30 days net. For non-credit approved, payment in advance. Customers outside Sweden applies payment in advance. In case of late payment a default interest of 8% is added to the invoice. Tolé Verktyg AB reserves the right of the goods until full payment has been received.

Shipping and packing costs

Shipping & packaging costs will be added (free our warehouse FVL) if there is no other agreement.

Transport Damage

Damages and errors contact us directly.


We reserve the right to ev. price and design changes.