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Privacy policy                                        


Why should i read this policy?                                

This policy describes how we at Tolé Verktyg AB collect, use and protect your personal data


What information do we collect about you?                    

Tolé Verktyg AB (organization number 556042-3054) is responsible for personal data for those personal data collected.

We collect information when you register in our web shop, buy our products or 

in other contacts with us and it includes:


* Name                                                                         

* Contact information, such as address, telephone number and e-mail address

* Possible previous purchases and payment information

* Social security number / Organization no                                      


How we will use your information?                          

* To be able to handle orderand administer your purchase                       

* To be able to hanlde customer service matters                                 

* In order to fulfill the companys obligations under law such as product safty,

  decisions or accounting requirements or under tax law.             

* We will not collect more informationthan we need to maintain our services                                                                         


How long will we have your information?                          

We store information about your purchases as long as you do not announce otherwise. The reason for this is
that we want to be able to give you good service in the form of information about spare parts or accessories. Because
we need to know what you once bought from us, because many of our products
has a very long service life.                                                  


We delete your information when we no longer need it. The information is deleted as soon as possible

the statute of limitations is over for our responsibility for work performed, which is currently seven years
(according to the Accounting Act).                                                    


Who do we share your information with?                   

We may share your personal information with other suppliers and partners,
for example shipping company or your bank if it is necessary for us to be able to keep our agreement with you.

In addition, we may share your personal information if we need to provide or share information.
listings about you with government institutions. 


What are my rights?                                               

Right to information: You can request a copy of the personal information we have about you.
Right to correction: We want to ensure that your information is up to date and correct. You can
request that your information be corrected or deleted if you believe it is incorrect. We get
do not delete information that the law requires us to retain.
Right to delete: You can request that we delete your personal information. We must not delete
information that the law requires that we retain.
Complaint: If you believe that we have handled your personal data incorrectly, you can always
turn to us. The Data Inspectorate is responsible for supervision in accordance with data protection legislation and
Anyone who believes that personal data is being handled incorrectly can file a complaint
to the Data Inspectorate.


How can I use my rights?                       

You always have the right to be informed of which personal data we have registered on you. Do you wish
this information, please contact us by email or mail at the bottom of this policy.

You also have the right to object or restrict the processing of yours
personal data.

If you want to submit a complaint to the Data Inspectorate, you need to contact them.
via telephone 08-65761 or email       


How to contact us                                              

If you have any questions regarding this policy or how we use your information, or yours
rights, you can contact us at the following address:                       


Tolé Verktyg AB                                                         

Fabriksgatan 11                                                            

SE-570 80  VIRSERUM                                                      

Telephome: 0495-30229